Search and retrieve data services

The following search and retrieve data services are available:

Through a simple http get service using unique identifiers (call number, record number, legal deposit number, PURL, etc.), bibliographic and authority records can be retrieved from the NLP Catalogue or from the National Bibliographic Database – PORBASE, the online union catalogue of the Portuguese libraries.

This service is used mainly by library management systems to import records directly to local databases but can be used by people.

Retrieve records from the NLP Catalogue at

Retrieve records from PORBASE at

ZZZ SERVICE – Search and retrieve from Z39.50 servers
This service offers simultaneous search in several Z39.50 servers, from the NLP and other Portuguese libraries. Search results can be displayed in Dublin Core or UNIMARC, and downloaded as ISO2709 files.

Z39.50 is a search and retrieve protocol based on client-server architecture, to access and retrieve records from remote databases.

From the record display screen, at both the NLP and PORBASE online public catalogues, records can be downloaded as ISO 2709 or MarcXchange files.


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